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One Dream Vision following...

... the first pyramid was created during a crystal healing seminar, very simply made from copper rods on a scale of 1:100 of the Cheops pyramid. This pyramid was equipped with rock crystals in the corners and the top and made available to the seminar participants to feel into and meditate. The feedback & the effect were phenomenal & promising.

From another intuitive inspiration the concept of today's PHEM pyramids developed - a transmitter pyramid with crystal and a receiver pyramid, between which a harmonious energy field is created. A large model in a vertical arrangement was subsequently also erected in the Ravne Mystery Park of the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko. Because of this installation, Johannes was invited to speak at the Global Pyramid Conference in Chicago in 2018, where he presented this new principle of action, which generated much interest. He also presented there a study with findings on the measurability of neurological self-regeneration in the brain through the pyramid field, in which cellular networking is faster and easier according to the epigenetic laws.

With each pyramid set a harmonizing energy field is stretched. We think globally, the more such harmonizing fields are stretched over this planet, the better for the whole world.


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