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PHEM pyramids EFFECT

To activate the harmonizing effect in rooms, a set of 2 pyramids is placed in a room on opposite sides. At the same time the tips of the pyramids are directed towards each other. This installation causes a resonance between the pyramids and the room is thus filled with a soothing, relaxing and harmonious energy of a torus field is fulfilled. This field promotes the activation of the human cellular system and cellular networking. Burdens and the stress of the day are relieved, inner peace and health are promoted.


Pyramids have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. As structures they are a wonder of size and precision and at the same time pyramids with their power and effect still puzzle mankind. The team of PHEM has dedicated itself in recent years to the research of pyramid energy.

PHEM has created the possibility for EVERYONE to use the power and effect of the Pyramid Energy in living, working and business spaces for themselves and the people around them.

pyramids applications

PHEM equips the essential areas of life with pyramids. Harmony and well-being play a decisively valuable role right here. Core areas where we live and communicate with our family, partners or friends.


Now you have the opportunity to order a pyramid set directly. Bring well-being and the harmonizing effect of the pyramid energy exactly where it is about loving life.

Experience reports

An ancient technology finds its way into our complex lives. Numerous testimonials confirm the amazing effect of the PHEM Pyramids. Learn more from those people who experience the effect of PHEM Pyramids on a daily basis.


"My personal experience of the impact of pyramids was so profound that I wanted to translate this ancient technology for our modern lives. This world is an incredibly magical place, but also a very challenging one. My heart's desire and vision is to use PHEM Pyramids to support people to come back to their peace and inner power, promoting awareness, health, peace and harmony in this world. Let's make a difference together!

Johannes schlederer

CEO Evolution Network GmbH - PHem Pyramids

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