Due to their noble design and the processing of high-quality materials, a true piece of jewelry has been created. However, the focus is on the amazing effect of the PHEM pyramids.


In the center of the PHEM pyramid is a large quartz crystal. The crystal releases vibrational energy, which is amplified by the geometry of the pyramid and radiated through the top. This creates a special force field and resonance, which we humans and also animals mostly perceive subconsciously as a harmonious and soothing well-being.

PHEM pyramids EFFECT

To activate the harmonizing effect in rooms, a set of 2 pyramids is placed in a room on opposite sides. At the same time the tips of the pyramids are directed towards each other. This installation causes a resonance between the pyramids and the room is thus filled with a soothing, relaxing and harmonious energy of a torus field is fulfilled. This field promotes the activation of the human cellular system and cellular networking. Burdens and the stress of the day are relieved, inner peace and health are promoted.

THE DESIGN - an eye catcher

With enthusiasm and creativity, the PHEM team, especially our production manager, worked on the perfect production of the PHEM pyramid. In the end Function & precision combined with stylish design. Noble materials are processed by excellent craftsmen in the European region Centrope. They guarantee the High quality of the product. In the center rests the rock crystal with its own lucid beauty and individuality.

Enrich their environment with this attractive eye-catcher and enjoy the room atmosphere filled with harmonizing energy.

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