PHEM pyramids are a result of enthusiasm & creativity, perfect manufacturing, function and precision, combined with stylish design.

Each pyramid is divided into careful handwork manufactured and thus represents an unmistakable unicum. Precious materials are processed by excellent craftsmen in the European region Centrope. They guarantee the high quality of the product. In the center rests the rock crystal with its own lucid beauty and individuality. 


Due to the high-quality materials, clear design and glossy surface, PHEM pyramids enrich any room.
Decorate their environment with this attractive eye-catcher and enjoy the atmosphere filled with harmonizing energy. How and where the PHEM pyramids their Effect you can develop optimally, you will find out here in detail:




The PHEM pyramids consist of a set of two pyramids of equal size, and both pyramids may contain a rock crystal, depending on the design. To achieve resonance and the emergence of the energy field between the pyramids, they must face each other at the same height, tip to tip. Ideally so that the field can spread over the room or over a part of the room where you often stay (for example, in a seating area, bed, etc.).A placement in closed cabinets or boxes is also possible and does not affect the effect. The recommended maximum distance of the pyramids is about 8 meters. The extension of the energy field is about the same in width as in length and still extends 2-3 meters behind the base plates of the pyramids.


Dimensions & WEIGHT

Pyramid with wooden base: 9 x 9 in, height 5,8 in Pyramid including stand up console: 9,6 x 7,9 in, weight approx, 11lbs


in the room

The pyramids are mounted on a wooden base. This is connected by two steel pins to a second base at right angles. This ensures a stable installation on a horizontal surface.


to the wall

When the pyramids are mounted on a vertical surface, the base must be separated from the upright. Since it is a pure plug-in connection by means of two steel pins, it can be easily lifted off. The natural material wood sometimes expands slightly depending on the humidity, so that a little more or less force may be necessary for lifting. A wall suspension is integrated on the back of the base. Please always choose a wall mounting material that corresponds to the weight!



We recommend the use of PHEM pyramids indoors. Use in outdoor areas is possible, but protection from direct weather influences should be provided. No liability can be assumed for impairments and changes to the surfaces when placed in outdoor areas.
Private living area
Living room, bedroom, study, children's room
Business divisions
Meeting rooms, Educational and seminar rooms, sales rooms, showrooms, therapy rooms, studios & galleries, and much more.



Due to the weight and sharp edges of the pyramids, please make sure that the object is out of the reach of children! The pyramid should be placed or attached to the wall in such a way that no one can injure themselves on the edges or the top when walking past, standing up or moving around the room. When fastening to the wall, use a nail or screw (with a suitable dowel) at least 1.97 in long. The screw or nail should protrude approx. 0.39 in from the wall.



Discoloration may develop on copper over time. Oxidation, grease, perspiration and moisture can cause this. Therefore, we have included cotton gloves with each PHEM pyramid set. If you want to prevent surface changes, touch the pyramids only with the cotton gloves. However, the beautiful shine of the copper surface can always be restored by using a suitable cleaning agent (e.g. Sidol copper). Use a soft cloth to avoid scratches on the surface.

A decision for more well-being & harmony.

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