Pyramid energy in everyday life

How PHEM Pyramid Energy can support us in everyday life

We live in a society where we rarely get to rest. Whether in professional life or in household & child management or - as so often - in combination. Everything has to go relatively quickly, be well timed and organized. Stress has become part of everyday life for many. Additional burdens at work, tensions in the family, financial or health problems aggravate the situation.

We know all too well by now that prolonged stress has negative effects on our physical and mental state. It triggers the "fight or flight" mode in us. The body reacts by releasing specific biochemical messengers that mobilize the energy reserves in the body and increase the readiness to perform. The heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises. All this has its purpose, but it is intended for emergencies. If it becomes a chronic normal condition, then we damage our nervous system, our cardiovascular system, our whole organism. And we also lose more and more the connection to our Inner Guidance.

We urgently need a de-stressing field !

Energetically, everything is vibration. Our thoughts, our feelings and our body are vibrating energy, which vibrates on a certain frequency.  

When a person says how he is, what he describes is his expression of the vibrational state he is currently in. 

When we are stressed, we usually feel tense, irritable, perhaps angry at being overwhelmed, anxious about not getting something done, or sad and desperate. These negative emotions create a low vibrational frequency. 

Now, if something in our environment radiates a high vibrational frequency, it will do us good and help us to raise our own vibration again. 

PHEM pyramids keep the vibration high

This is where the PHEM pyramids come into play. Because they create a permanent and constant high vibrational field in rooms. The frequency of this field could be described as harmony or love.

You are probably wondering how this is possible? It has to do with the crystal and the pyramid shape. 

In the PHEM pyramid there is a quartz crystal. Quartz crystals have the ability to store and send out information. Here we must think now again in oscillations, as already mentioned before. In the PHEM pyramid we use rock crystals. They are quartz crystals in the purest form and are best suited of all gemstones to absorb and transmit information. The vibration of the crystal can be both very low and very high, depending on the information being absorbed. For example, if the person who cut the quartz was just angry, then this energy is also stored. It is therefore essential to cleanse the crystal and program it positively. Of course, every crystal that is placed in our PHEM Pyramids goes through this process. Then, and only then, it emits a high and even, harmonizing frequency, which has an extremely healing effect on soul, mind and organism.

The pyramid shape, in turn, ensures that this electro-magnetic vibrational energy is further intensified and radiated through the tip. The emitted energy beam is intercepted by the second PHEM pyramid when they are placed at the same height and with their tips facing each other. Between them, an extension of the torus field formed by both pyramids develops and the room is flooded with this soothing, relaxing and harmonious torus field. 

(We explain this principle of action in even more detail in the blog article "Pyramid Geometry and Crystal Energy in the PHEM Pyramids.")

PHEM: "Pyramid High Energy Management".

A beautiful thought that in everyday life at home such a high vibrational field is permanently ready to support us to come back to our center. 

On a physical level, the Vitality increased, the Immune system strengthened and the Regenerative and self-healing powers stimulated by increased cell cross-linking.

Of course, a harmonious field also has a positive effect on the Concentration and Memory off. This can be particularly supportive for anyone working at home, and especially for school children or students. 

There are also many testimonials about the positive effect on the Sleep quality. Easier falling asleep, better sleep through and regenerated waking up were the result of PHEM pyramids in the sleep area.

Apparently, also the employees find the Animals the energy field of the pyramids. It has been observed that they like to sleep in this field very much and especially cats as well as dogs usually want to stay very close to the pyramids. 

It was also very interesting to observe that the effects of geopathic stress (earth rays, water veins, etc.) and electromagnetic pollution were diminished or neutralized by e.g. computers, TVs, cell phones, power lines, WLAN, etc.
We are constantly amazed by new experience reports and learn permanently how positive and diverse the PHEM Pyramid Energy affects in everyday life and enriches people and animals. This really makes us very happy, because that's what they were developed for: for "High Energy Management" or more simply for "Good Vibrations" 😉 !

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