Rock Crystal Effect: Pyramid Geometry and Crystal Energy in the PHEM Pyramids

In the center of the PHEM pyramid is a large rock crystal. This crystal emits electro-magnetic vibrational energy, which is amplified by the geometry of the pyramid and radiated through the top. But how does it actually happen that the rock crystal releases vibrational energy? 

How pyramid geometry and crystal energy interact in the PHEM pyramids

In mineralogy, the name quartz is used to describe a group of minerals whose chemical composition is the same.
The rock crystal is quartz in the purest form, it consists of silicon dioxide and is colorless. Other well-known quartz crystals are amethyst, rose quartz and smoky quartz. They get their coloring due to the admixture of, for example, iron oxides, manganese and titanium. 

The special property of quartz is that it becomes electrically positively and negatively charged by pressure. This creates an energy flow that can be felt, measured and calculated. This so-called piezoelectric effect was discovered in 1880 by the French physicists Paul and Pierre-Jacques Curie. They are therefore also called oscillating crystals or piezoelectric crystals. They are charged positively and negatively, which creates the piezoelectric effect, which is expressed in an electro-magnetic field of an exact sinusoidal oscillation.
This oscillation is so precise that it is also used, for example, to keep the frequency constant in quartz watches or in electronics and radio technology. Since the 1960s, however, artificially grown crystals have been used for this purpose. 

Rock crystal is one of the most important gemstones and healing stones.

Of all stones, it is best suited to record and pass on information, like a programming medium. This information is superimpositions and modulations of the exact sine oscillations and measurable.
Through the radiation of rock crystal, the information of people, animals and plants can be perceived and intensified. Of all the healing stones, it is the one that amplifies energies most powerfully, not least because of its unique crystal structure in the form of a helix spiral. 

In addition, its great importance also lies in the fact that it raises the surrounding energies in their vibration to a new, as high as possible or optimal level.  

The purified, positively activated rock crystal thus emits a uniform, harmonizing frequency, which has an extremely healing effect on the soul, spirit and organism. How we activate the vibrational energy of the crystals of the PHEM pyramids remains our secret.

Why is the vibration of the crystal amplified by the pyramid?

Due to its geometric shape, an equilateral pyramid has special energy-conducting properties, which have been researched as follows: All objects that are inside a pyramid radiate their energy to the walls of the pyramid and from there it is conducted to the edges and further to the corners. Even though our PHEM pyramids do not have closed sides, they are "energetically" blocked. So the effect develops in the same way. From the corners the energy flows back to the center of the pyramid. This center is located at one third of its height and is the place of highest energy concentration. If one places a rock crystal there and activates it, then it comes to a radiation of harmonic oscillations of the crystal. Thus the crystal radiates onto the pyramid and the pyramid radiates back onto the crystal and the energy is amplified. Finally, due to the pyramid geometry, this energy also exits from the top of the pyramid and flows back through the base of the pyramid in the form of a so-called torus field (looks like the magnetic field of the earth or like an apple). (Picture torus field)

The emergence of the torus field

Now another effect is added. The energy beam, which the PHEM pyramid emits, is caught by the second PHEM pyramid, provided that they are placed at the same height and with the tips to each other. An extension of the torus field formed by both pyramids then develops between them and spreads across the room. It is flooded by a calming, relaxing and harmonious torus field. This field also promotes activation of the human cellular system and cellular networking. The standard size of our PHEM pyramids can cover a space of about eight by eight meters. 

The Torus is a donut-like, ring-shaped, perfectly balanced, dynamic energy vortex that harmonizes and maintains the subtle flow of energy between two poles. It is, therefore, an energy perpetual motion machine. In 1993, the HeartMath Institute ( conducted an experiment and found that each person has a torus-shaped energy field emanating from their heart. The heart generates approximately 5,000 times as much electromagnetic energy as the brain, and this energy is radiated far and wide throughout the body, thus affecting those around it. In the studies it was shown that people who are Nearby of a positive thinking and feeling person can be measurably harmonized. They were measured to have a steady heartbeat, a pleasant hormonal balance, deep and even breathing, and a balanced nervous system. 

Exactly these positive aspects also evoke the torus field of the PHEM pyramids, as the energy field is nourished via the pure, harmonious vibration of the crystal. It conveys joy of life but also calmness, relaxation and well-being. Burdens and the stress of the day are reduced, the inner peace and health are promoted.

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